Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Movie Pitch (Serioushly)

Oh, I have an idea...

In a world…

Sorry, have to pause for a second to share just how much I love that hacky phrase. I’m not even sure it gets used in any actual movie trailers (someone counted 13; they also cheated a bit on the phrasing), but, seeing as it perfectly frames what I have in mind:

IN A WORLD, where the science and robotics have been enlisted in the war against death, where a human’s diseased and decaying body parts are replaced by machinery that lets them survive, even stronger and more powerful than before, humanity comes closer than ever to becoming immortal. But when a madman/madwoman hacks the miracle and turns it against society, the world, our loved ones, even ourselves, will a miracle of medicine become the seed to man’s downfall?

[Pause for a cutaway and a snippet of dialogue wherein the protagonist mistily looks into the bloodied dying eyes of a loved one (thinking his/her mother) who was afflicted by such an attack just as the lights go out.]

A hero will rise…

At any rate, you get the idea – i.e., scientists figure out a way to make human live longer by replacing failing organs, limbs, etc. with cybernetic parts that are stitched into the body and maintained and managed remotely by a web of computers, think the “Internet of Things.” A villain – say, the head of a corporation or a governmental agency, or maybe just some lone, psychotic asshole who technology has enabled to “scale up” – hacks into the body parts, thereby compelling the hacked people to do his bidding, very much against their will. Chaos ensues, blood is shed, etc. etc.

Anyway, hits a popular angles – fear of technology, loss of personal autonomy, paranoia about corporations (if I go that way)/government (if I go that way), individual megalomania/malignancy – and the cybernetics component brings in superhero shit, which means you can have super-strong heroes chasing super-strong villains as they all go around running, jumping and grabbing prizes (one of my favorite phrases/descriptions of video games, which I borrowed from a very good friend, just for the record).

Well, there it is. I dunno, maybe write a screenplay for it, yeah?

Hey, anyone else notice how thoroughly goddamn paranoid our art is right now? Probably means something. (Also, can’t claim that’s an original thought. Also, can’t remember where I first heard/read it, so it’s going unattributed till further notice and/or I remember to circle back.)

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