Tuesday, October 25, 2016

An End to Trump Mania (And a Shift to the Real Project)

I mean, given the givens, I have to go with the red wire, right?

Since, roughly, July of this year, I’ve spent days upon days in a panic over just about everything about Donald Trump. My twitter feed is a profile in obsession, I come home with headaches if I read a particularly harrowing article (Trump Anxiety is real, peeps), etc.: it’s a shit-show of impotent rage, really, me shaking my tiny twitter fists at a guy with…hold on…12.7 million followers. And yet I still hold out hope that he reads the nasty tweets I send him on the daily, and that they make him very, very sad. And that’s sad. Maybe even sadder.

Still, all that obsessing had an end, even if, between trying to figure out what a breathing human being could see in him and psychic revenge fantasies, the conversation in my head amounted to dogs chasing tails chasing cars chasing tails. The end result, though, feels like peace (so don’t you fucking dare upset the fragile mental balance precariously arranged below, not unless you want your twitter feed to become that Jim Carrey vehicle about an obsessive):

The pitch for Trump goes something like this: sure, he’s manifestly unable to pay attention to the most important moment in his life (probably) for more than 30 minutes (see, the Debates), and he’s got the impulse control of an uncontrolled toddler at over(?) 70 years of age, and all that implies, but, boy, is he right on immigration and which lives matter!

Maybe the stuff on impulse control and incapacity for concentration in a job that requires non-stop both gets lost in all the misogyny (real), sexual assault (probable), and racism (playing footsie with Nazis makes you racist), but those two traits should be disqualifying all on their own, even for misogynist racists, and yet they’re not. And there’s nothing I can do about that. I mean, if a steady drip of his dumbass antics don’t scare you off, let’s just say you don’t scare easy…and how’s your life insurance policy, and any way I can become a beneficiary?

I don’t know if Trump will lose on November 8, but all signs that aren’t bat-shit point to yes. Even if he goes away, though, a longer term problem still exists. It’s not Trump’s supporters, either, but the societal mechanisms that lead to his rise. The Business Insider put up a great, if cobbled piece on this today, or, more specifically, on the “conservative media industrial complex” (for shits ‘n’ giggles, consider the oxymorons in that phrase).

If I don’t cut it off here, I’ll go on all night, so I’ll just close with read the article. The biggest take-away is that conservatives are waking up to the damage that their media is doing to their own movement. The problem comes with finding the exit ramp from this dynamic:

“Perhaps more important, however, the conservative media industrial complex successfully managed over the years to lock the Republican Party away from access to its own base. Those who consumed conservative media were taught not to trust politicians or, even worse, the mainstream media.”

When you hear Trump lie daily, habitually, and contrary to video/audio evidence, that is the time-bomb that enabled it. Trump is nothing more or less than shameless son-of-a-bitch who inherited a rotten estate and rode it to ignominy. Defusing that time-bomb is the project of getting the country sane again.

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