Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trumpgrets: Your Saddest Happy Place

You did not win, not really.
I have to credit Dan Savage's Savage Lovecast (listen every week!) for word of Trumpgrets, a tumblr that documents tweets from anyone now expressing regrets for voting for Asshole-Elect, Donald Trump. At the first mention, I made the mistake of assuming that the collection would feature people who voted Trump despite misgivings about various things. And while that's true as far as it goes, uh...
"@realDonaldTrump seriously not pursuing charges against @HillaryClinton ? I voted for you & I will now join the protesters."
The first point is that, yes, the captured tweets come from people who are disappointed in what Trump's doing, but for...well, stupid fucking reasons, like failing to prosecute Hillary Clinton (charges won't stick, idiots), for not building the dumb fucking wall (of which, pointless and expensive), and, finally, there are those who thought Trump actually had a plan for...well, anything. And, of course, people who use the word "cucks," and who embrace the word "deplorable" without realizing it just means "white nationalist," etc. And, of course, people who are white nationalists, aka (again) what got left behind when Western Civilization failed to finish wiping its ass after World War II.

My response to all those people: stop reading Breitbart, and especially fucking Infowars, those are propaganda/conspiracy outlets, devoted to hawking (ugly) aspirations, not information, and that's a huge reason why you were caught off guard by, well, reality. So, let's try talking about what's happening in the real world, what you want, and what's possible at given levels of taxation...this shit doesn't pay for itself, governing is hard and expensive, etc.

The second point is that, while it's not how my Platonic version of Trumpgrets would read - e.g. that would be full variations on, "holy god, the man's an idiot" or "wow, he actually never released his tax returns" - any kind of disappointment with Trump is a good thing. If "Adorable Deplorable" or "Morris Otto" or "Raya Pachevurova" or (personal favorite) "Everything4pageants" never vote again, the country will improve, if by only one less vote by an easy mark (as for "Celia & Thomas," I'm willling to call it a mulligan whenever you are). Trump won office by promising all kinds of things, most of them contradictory, some of them impossible, some racist, and more than a few of them serving everyone except the communities he promised to serve. Disappointment seems like the likeliest end to the whole experience.

The thing to understand is that, no matter how long or short Trump's reign, he will leave behind him the vital business of calming everyone the fuck down.

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