Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One Last Pick Thru the Bins, A Personal Musical History: Vols. 1-10

A long time ago – because I’ve taken cold-eyed stock of the road ahead, far too long ago – I started a project about music. In my preamble-heavy introduction (sorry, that’s how I roll), I framed it as a process of looking back at all the music I collected over my ever-expanding lifetime and why I collected the things I did, but with an underpinning of mild anxiety that the arrival of algorithms that blur the line between helping people and thinking for them would, whatever their intentions, wind up confining all of us inside ever-safer yet ignorant bubbles of “the stuff we like.”

I don’t know if anything short of unplugging can fix whatever that is, but I wanted to go back over all the stuff I bumped into by way of a hundred of little accidents to really sit with all of it before spending the rest of my days getting fed one Spotify Discover Weekly after another.

And, to be clear, I am in no way just crapping on technology. This project started as a project of just reviewing the music I actually had, whether on hard drive or album, but the same technology that may one day give me musical tunnel vision (Spotify; and awful metaphor) made it possible for me to not only review, but to expand, like a lot, on what I know about all the bands I’ve either loved, or that I just half-accidentally collected.

Anyway, that’s just a preamble (see?) for what comes below. As I go march through my library, I'm going to start aggregating the posts on this project (and, before long, the other one), for the sole goal of stuffing more shit onto the sidebar. Below are links to the first 10 volumes of this project, each with the name of the artist I discussed and whatever subtitle I came up with. Hope most of the damn things make sense. The aggregated Volume 2 will come soon. I’m posting Volume 20 on Thursday (or sooner).

One Last Pick Through the Bins, Volumes 1 – 10
Volume 1: The Wu-Tang Clan (the lack of subtitle is a naked injustice; rookie mistake)

Volume 2: Willie Evans Jr. (Is Brilliant) (true story; Jacksonville’s finest (I think))

Volume 3: Ty Segall (and his various inspirations) (this guy loves guitar, srsly)

Volume 5: The Pixies (again, lack of subtitle is terrible; great band that deserves legend)

Volume 6: Notorious B.I.G. (and 2Pac) (my personal resolution of rap’s most famous beef)

Volume 7: The Lemonheads (my favorite late-80s/early-90s alternative; good barometer)

Volume 8: The Hives (again, without a subtitle? Asshole! I think this is about aging, if subtlely.)

Volume 10: The Coup, A True Revolution (Seriously, funk/rap geniuses! Love these guys)

And, that’s all for this bundle. Pick through as you want to.

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