Thursday, March 30, 2017

One Last Pick Thru the Bins, A Personal Musical History: Vols. 11-20

Even included a spare...

I explained this project in the first aggregation/compilation post – the one that pulled together links for Volumes 1-10 of this project – so, I’ll just briefly explain what’s going on here.

I picked up a lot of music over the past, oh, 30 years and this whole series is about listening to it all again, and in some cases more closely than I ever have before, and reflecting on not just the music, but also the associated memories and experiences each of them dredge up.

And I’m not even sorta close to done.

At any rate, I’ve embedded links below for Volumes 11-20. Some good stuff in there, even if only the music. Happy hunting!

Volume 12: Silversun Pickups (possibly the first band to leave me lukewarm in this project)

Volume 13: Quasimoto, On Indie Hop (Quasimoto  is Madlib / AWESOME! (srsly.))

Volume 14: Q-Tip and Tribe Called Quest (probably learned and appreciated the most on this one)

Volume 16: Pegboy, Too Much of a Good Sound (aka the limits of straight-up punk)

Volume 17: Odd Future, In Which I Really Stretch (too much like reading my kid’s diary)

Volume 18: Nirvana, On Fame and Authenticity (the world liked them better than me)

Volume 19: Mudhoney, Grunge’s “Biological Dad” (and how garage made them better)

All right, on to the next 10 bands…

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