Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Judge My Playlist, Volume 1: Cuter

The chains that bind you...
Don’t think of it as a new feature, so much as an easier way to have fun with music.

I used to pile songs onto CDs. I made them for road trips, or just for things to have around the house; sometimes I made them for people (say, my wife), or for special occasions (say, for a particularly long road trip), but it was mostly about the work of creating playlists before Spotify (and/or the platform of your choice*) came along and spoiled The Labor of Love that goes into building a playlist by way of, more than anything else, making it easy to edit a playlist.

By that I mean, if anything got lost with the end of the old audio tape/CD “playlist,” it’s the idea of finality. If, or, in my case, when, you fuck up and put the wrong song on a CD, or if you put things in an order that trips up the flow…well, that’s it. You’re stuck with it. There is no editing, no deciding you’re sick of the song you keep putting on every CD after the fact, because, again, no editing. (And…this is factually untrue, at least with audio cassettes; recording over those things happened all the time…but who uses cassettes anymore? CDs, like diamonds, are forever.)

I’m not going to put a lot into these posts – a series I’m calling, “Judge My Playlist.” All I’m going to do is list/link to a CD that I actually made and invite anyone so moved to comment on it. And, honestly, I don’t care what you think – and I mean that in a good way. Every song that I put onto a CD is a song that I just…like, or even love. Some shocked person telling me that I have shit taste doesn’t mean all that much to me anymore, that’s all. To rephrase the premise, “I don’t care what you think” means, have fucking at it. Rhapsodize about what you loathe in my musical taste. As Debbie Harry sneered over one of my favorite Blondie songs, “Rip Her to Shreds.” (Wait for it...) Or tell me what you liked. Music is meant to be shared, and, as I’m fond of saying, this is supposed to be fun, dammit.

And so, Volume 1: below is a list of songs and artists that I put on a CD I titled “Cuter.” I created a Spotify playlist for it (now on Twitter), but, in future posts (and....again, wait for it), I’ll post links to all the songs listed that I can find. *I’m doing that because I recognize that not everyone has Spotify, and even the people who have a streaming service might not want to put in the work of plugging in all the songs. It’s just that I only came up with this today, and I got stuff tomorrow, so…yeah, next week with the links. With that, I give you the playlist for “Cuter.”

One last thing: I always feel like I put a minimum of one absolute fucking clunker of a song on every CD. Try to figure out which one it is if you wanna…

1. Build me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
2. Littlest Things – Lily Allen
3. Look at Me Up a Tree – Looper (shit…no Spotify, no Youtube; LOST)
4. Twiggy, Twiggy – Pizzicato Five (hey…learning the limits of Spotify; see link to left)
5. Bring It On Home to Me – Britt Daniels
6. Epistle to Dippy – Donovan
7. (My Baby Does) Good Sculpture – The Rezillos
8. Think About Me – The Decembrists
9. Girl – The Beatles
10. Bowl of Oranges – Bright Eyes
11. Homo Rainbow – Ween
12. Rip Her to Shreds – Blondie (the SHIT!? Didn’t even know that was in the inaugural)
13. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – The Cardigans (dang. Miss by Spotify. good Sabbath cover)
14. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam – The Vaselines
15. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend – The Ramones
16. Sugar, Sugar – The Archies
17. Do You Want To – Franz Ferdinand
18. Shim Sham – Imperial Teen
19. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine – Jimmie F. Rodgers
20. Brown Eyed Girl – Weezer (yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s what had at the time; also, see link)
21. Ms. Jackson – Outkast
22. Chillout Tent – The Hold Steady
23. Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin

So, yeah, that’s take one. I’ll drop in links on Friday. For now, though, I hope anyone who wants to, and who doesn’t know all those songs, can find ‘em somewhere.

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