Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Judge My Playlist, Volume 3: Lovely, Lively

The vibe I was after...

Again, this little project is about just sharing a “playlist” – one that I slapped on a CD a few years back – that I’m posting here and on twitter to let people judge it, love it, deconstruct it, tell me where I went wrong, etc.

I titled this week’s selection Lovely, Lively. I went mostly, if not entirely, up-tempo and the songs trucked broadly in the giddiness of infatuation – though I definitely squeezed in a song or two, just because they kept up with the pace. Or talked about love, generally. Those are some personal favorites (see, "F.I.D.O"). If you do listen to this one, it shouldn't take you long to pick up a little "mission creep."

Then again, some songs made the cut because I wanted to get, say, a couple old Green Day songs onto a CD before I forgot about them. That actually applied most to the songs by The Dirtbombs and The Gories, both projects of the great and mighty Mick Collins. Man’s a goddamn genius, I tell you…

At any rate, the Lovely, Lively playlist is below. There was only one song that Spotify didn’t have, and there’s a link to a Youtube video next to that one. I also included a non-live version of The Buzzcocks “Love You More,” because I can’t make my ears accept recorded live music no matter how hard I try. Just doesn’t translate for me…

Lovely, Lively
1. La, La Love You – The Pixies
2. Black & White World – Elvis Costello
3. 1,000 Hours – Green Day
4. Keep You Around – The Ravishers
5. Nitroglycerine – The Gories
6. Hot on Your Heels – The Mint Chicks
7. I’m Your Torpedo – Eagles of Death Metal
8. Earthquake Heart – The Dirtbombs
9. Punk Rock Girl – The Dead Milkmen
10. Knock Me Down – Naked Raygun
11. F.I.D.O. – The Dirtbombs
12. Dancing the Night Away – The Motors (say…extended version; I like it! Slower pace, tho)
13. I’ve Just Seen a Face – Beatles
14. One Way or Another – Blondie
15. I’m Qualified to Satisfy You – The Dirtbombs
16. Turn a Square – The Shins
17. Dry Ice – Green Day
18. Love You More – Buzzcocks
19. You Gotta Sinned to Get Saved – Maria McKee

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