Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Judge My Playlist, Volume 6: Matters Transcendent

Pour one out...
I’ve decided to change my approach on these posts a bit. I still want people to judge them – seriously, I’ll provide the wet wipes as needed – because, again, I always, always fuck up this kind of thing. And, to take care of housekeeping, I link to Youtube videos for all the songs in this post, and I’m posting a playlist through Spotify. Uh, that’s that.

Instead of dropping some kind of context – except those cases where it totally makes sense – I’m just going to list the songs on the one-CD/now-playlist and make my best case for why it matches the title/concept. Got it? Do you…never mind, just listen to the damn songs. Hope you like ‘em!

I called this one “Matters Transcendent.” The theme was songs that speak to the biggest questions, the most abstracted ways of being.

Or they just sounded stoner-trippy. OK, the songs…

1. Lady Stardust – David Bowie
(Circles around the essence of experiencing something perfectly.)

2. Metaphysical – Handsome Boy Modeling School
(Inspired the CD/playlist, really. Sounds trippy, though? And the title, right?)

3. Stratford-on-Guy – Liz Phair
(Now we’re talking; flight, closely examined, severely detached; this was the goal)

4. Jane of the Waking Universe – Guided by Voices
(Won’t lie, looked up the lyrics; it’ll take at least 3 reads to make that shit make sense; like Kant)

5. I’m Always Touched By Your Presence - Blondie (like this version)
(GUYS, mind-reading? Telepathy? The…those…the energy line things. The grid. Right?)

6. Talisman – Air
(OK, straight face: this song communicates an incredible weariness; just…music matches theme)

7. Magnetizing – Handsome Boy Modeling School
(It’s a pretty standard, “I’m the best” raps, but vaguely futuristic)

8. Arms & Hearts – The Hold Steady
(“She ascended into Heaven dripping wet.” Think that takes care of it…then the chorus)

9. Another Girl, Another Planet – The Only Ones
(Outer space was sufficient....I guess? Half-assed this one.)

10. Ce matin-la – Air
(Like driving through the brightest dawn you’ve ever seen; lived that once…amazing)

11. Stephanie Says – Velvet Underground
(Living with existential pain is tough shit, and it sounds pretty)

12. All I Wanna Do – Snoop Dogg
(A man with a purpose. Buddhist…insofar as that fits with “pound that pussy down”)
(Also, link only….Tidal? AGAIN!? Closest I could get...pretty awesome.)

13. Body Movin’ – Beastie Boys
(Can’t explain it…there’s an Our Future Overlords vibe to this one…the voice-over plays puppet-master?))

14. Impacilla Carpisung – The Ting Tings
(What I think stoned rambling under a heat lamp sounds like…yeah, yeah, specific)

15. Honestly…no clue
(This song won’t play on any medium I have. I thought it was something from Air’s Moon Safari, but, no dice. Moved on to Source Material…nope. I have 213 FILES in my active music collection and I haven’t even touched those yet. Call Track 15 this posts Unknown Soldier.)

16. Ballrooms of Mars – T. Rex
(See title; I mean, what else is there? Also, if you don’t know this band…just, you should.)

17. Americana – Thin White Rope
(An existential meltdown in a trailer park on the edge of a desert)

18. Cosmic Dancer – T. Rex
(Death/rebirth…in DANCE!!)

19. Greenfields – The Beverley Sisters
(The sound of walking across your own grave I’m pretty sure. So. Fucking. Creepy.)

Hopefully this is more…satisfying. I guess. Win some, lose some, y’know. OK, have at it.

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