Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Judge My Playlist, Volume 10: Oldies, Volume 2

The same notes that applied to my Oldies, Volume 1 playlist, apply to this Volume 2, so here’s a link to that. The only thing I failed to mention there is that I thought a “love” theme held those songs together. If memory serves, this volume 2 included songs I just liked regardless of thematic through-lines.

Barring me losing all interest in it, my “Pop Backstory” series will eventually touch on this era of music and, holy shit, if I’m not looking forward to that. Between reading Nick Tosches biography on Dean Martin, and some random movie/TV show where a John Turturro plays a gangster who bangs one the Andrews Sisters (if you know them, that verb will make total sense), I’m confident I’ll stumble into a mine full of the good sordid shit that amounts to the plaque in the entertainment industry’s arteries.

OK, the songs from this playlist are below, along with what prompted me to include them (i.e., unlike other playlists, I don’t have to justify this one).

Oldies, Vol. 2
1. My Blue Heaven –Frank Ifield
Like a Pendleton blanket wrapped around you in front of a cheery fire. Always liked that contrast.

2. On an Evening in Roma – Dean Martin
A song that sounds like a happy scamp set loose in a beautiful town on a beautiful night.

3. Canadian Sunset – Andy Williams
OK, maybe snark inspired this volume; his voice reads as a parody of a crooner.

4. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story – Shirley Bassey
Like a come-on that’s disastrous because it’s so gloriously melodramatic. (And, holy shit, that’s Shirley Bassey?)

5. Your Cheatin’ Heart – Glen Campbell
I legit love this song, his voice; came late, though. (Makes up for “Frodo of the Four Fingers”; no video, sadly; get Rankin Bass' version of The Hobbit.)

6. Memories Are Made of This – Dean Martin
The vocals drip with cheese (forza, Dino!), but this is a genuinely sweet song.

7. It Had to Be You – Artie Shaw
Plucky li’l dance number.

The bitterness of a broken heart, Phase = defiant. Love this one.

9. Fever – Peggy Lee
Dance a foxtrot to this sucker and you will feel sexy.

10. Broken Hearted Melody – Julie London
A lost chanteuse for me; not the best voice, but deliciously sultry.

11. Stardust – Keely Smith
Straight-up love this song; Smith could swing, something that comes through at the end of this song, and when she works with Louis Prima.

12. I’m Coming Back to You – Julie London
Yes, this playlist was an excuse to listen to Julie London. My favorite of her songs. (Probably.)

13. After You’ve Gone – Kay Starr (Arggh...Youtube doesn't have the right version.)
Big pipes on this lady. She does a couple great vocal bends in this one.

14. There’s a Small Hotel - Tony Bennett
I like this guy’s voice. And it fits the song neatly as you like.

15. Greenfields – The Beverley Sisters
Again, this song creeps the fuck out of me. (What? Again, Spotify? No song?!)

16. All By Myself – Bobby Darin
Me, and for several years. And I’m a big Bobby Darin fan.

Peggy Lee has a few languid tracks that tickle the loins a little…

18. Oh! Look at Me Now – Bobby Darin
Yay! Bobby Darin’s happy/getting laid!

19. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Dean Martin
Yes, I know of the difficulties. Just imagine a cad…try to find it endearing as intended.

20. It’s a Wonderful World – Peggy Lee
An easy-going, skipping tune about what being in love does to your brain.

21. Lazy River – Kay Starr
A lovely daydream of a life in love and without responsibility.

22. Goodnight Sweetheart – Sarah Vaughan
Very dramatic. And somehow very soothing….....mom?

And that’s it. Hope anyone who visits gets something out of it…

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