Monday, June 12, 2017

Judge My Playlist, Volume 8: Just Rawk

The first remotely relevant image I found googling "rock guys."

Think I’ve done the drill often enough by now – i.e., below is a list of songs I put on a CD back when, and that I’ve now put on a Spotify playlist. Feel free to judge, ridicule, amend, append, celebrate, etc. Again, I’m not expecting any takers. I think it’s the spirit of the exercise that counts…

I called this one “Just Rawk,” and that title’s suggestive. All I wanted to do here was stuff a CD full of songs that just…rocked. I had no specific artist I wanted to get onto something I would listen to again and again; I don’t think I repeated a band/singer once on this one, and that’s rare (wait…nope, Fitz of Depression made it on twice…fair play; damn good band, that). At any rate, what’s that Latin phrase I love so well – “the thing speaks for itself”? (Oh yeah, res ipsa loquitur).

OK, songs and rationale for/defense of their inclusion are below. This time around, people are free to ask, “you think that rocks?”

Just Rawk
1. My Poor Brain – Foo Fighters
I looked at this as framing, the gentle glide of the lead was intended as the calm before the storm.

2. After Forever – Black Sabbath
The guitar under the verses still feels like one of the best riffs ever. Mind the lyrics, too.

3. Cherry Bomb – The Runaways
I think hearing this one earlier in life would have changed/benefitted me in some way…

4. Stay in Your House – Gas Huffer
Like inviting amphetamines into your house…excellent.

5. Bad Mouth – Fugazi
Forever on the edge of taking off and just…running! It’s the tension I appreciate.

6. E-Pro – Beck
Rock music looped; I think that’s the specific innovation here…

7. Rip Off –T. Rex
Coping with adversity the only way rock can; by calling bullshit on it. Again, rock.

8. Stocktaking – Nomeansno
WHAT, WHY CAN’T I FIND THIS? Volume, kids. Volume. This album was huge with that.

9. Revolution – Beatles
The galloping rhythm holds it together, but the scream of the guitar starts that gallop.

10. Time to Leave – Fitz of Depression
This song…no, this whole damn album kicks more ass than any other two albums put together.

11. Blacktop - Helmet (geez...the audio)
“Thrashing the blacktop” did all the convincing I needed. And I don’t skate (SEE: this song.)

12. Tequila Sundae – Urge Overkill
Think the bend in the middle of the main riff dragged it on, but I do like the “cool” of the vocals.

13. Oh Bondage Up Yours! – X-Ray Spex
One of the best “fuck yous” to ever start any song, anywhere.

14. Missing Link – The Hives
Weirdly jangly, but also relentless to the point of exhaustion

15. Cherry Cola – Eagles of Death Metal
Listening right now and…I just love this goddamn song.

16. Celebrated Summer – Husker Du
At least two of their songs sound like fights. And Bob Mould’s guitar on this sounds like a fucking saw.

17. Forward – The Thermals
Panicked half-considered thoughts of, “OK, WHERE AM I GOING?!”

18. I Can’t – Fitz of Depression
Again, there’s a purity to Fitz of Depression that’s rarely matched.

19. I See Red – X
“She wore blue, her bad luck blue shoes,” is all the justification I need

20. Stuck in Thee Garage – The Dirtbombs
Distortion/shouting can feel like a short-cut. Not here.

21. Into the Valley – The Skids (and his dancing!)
Might be the prettiest song of the bunch; I value this one for its several “drops.”

All right, all done. Thoughts, opinions, praise or brutal assassination: have at it!

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