Tuesday, June 27, 2017

One Last Pick Thru the Bins, A Personal Musical History: Volumes 21-30

Your taste is terrible. Admit it.
And…we’re on another index post for this project, which I’ve named “The Bins Project” for decently reasonable reasons (no typo). In fact, this is the third index post – and here are links to the first and second indices (as in, that's 20 more bands/acts/artists for your consideration) - and I haven’t even sort of decided what to do if/when I pass an actual, major milestone, say, 50 or even 100. That’s looking increasingly plausible…Jesus…

Again, The Bins Project boils down to this: I’ve picked up a lot of music over the years and, to simplify earlier iterations, I now have the tools to listen beyond what I’ve bought/saved/stolen, to listen to each and every (or most) artist’s entire body of work. So, that’s what I’m doing here – e.g., listening to albums I’ve never picked up, running down side projects and the odd original iteration, and then puking up all the information that seems interesting and inviting anyone who finds this to give each these artists a listen, partially because I (generally) think they’re good, but also because these are creative people putting stuff out into the world, and I’m 1000% for that shit.

Yea, I feel drunk on power, like that one super villain…in that one movie. Yeah, think that red-headed asshole from The Incredibles, I guess. I have implausibly easy access to things that someone living even 50 years ago – genius critics, writers and thinkers, too – could only dream of. Still, their lack doesn’t have to be mine, so I’m listening to a lot of music, and on a timeline that’s both brief and deep, and I’m pretty sure that’s doing something to both my brain and taste…

And, here we go, links and titles to Volumes 21-30 in this project. Enjoy!

And, that’s all of them. The point of this entire project isn’t to tell anyone what music to love. The only real goal involves listing a bunch of songs that, for all I know, some or all people have never heard. I like these songs - some of them a lot, I mean like old friends a lot – so I guess sharing feels nice. Enjoy ‘em if you do!

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