Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Judge My Playlist, Volume 13: Innalect

OK, back to this project. No sense in not keeping a playlist up top, not least because I can’t do one for The Fastbacks.

The title/theme grows from the idea of people (in this case, artists) examining their situation from a remove – and, as the title implies, from the sometimes detached space of, “holy shit, is that how I/we really live?”

That’s not to say I always got the lyrics right. Still, I hope the sound/mood at least touches on the theme. And, holy shit, now that I’ve built the playlist, I know some “WTFs” slipped onto this one (by whose hand, that's what I'd like to know!). But that’s why I post this stuff. Judge it. JUDGE IT!!

And, again, I’ll try to explain why I chose each of the songs I did, and as honestly as possible. In this case, starting with the first track. And, as always, I’ll post a Spotify playlist shortly after this, but I link to all the songs (and one more than I get via Spotify) below, too.

1. South Side- Moby (shit, I knew this existed!)
Yeah, shaky start. Look, there’s a mission and perspective thereon. It’s loose, I know. Moving on…

2. Traffic Light – The Ting Tings
The French tone…probably? Contemplating one’s soul via urban planning, though, amirite?

3. Motel Matches – Elvis Costello ( quiet!)
Oof. Poor fit. There’s nothing detached about this one. Sad as a motherfucker...

4. I Don’t Like Mondays – The Boomtown Rats (also, the story in case you don't know it)
Considering one’s life, and coming to a very, very wrong decision. Just chilling. And brilliant.

On the run – and from multiple things – considered. One of the better fits.

6. Gila – Beach House
I like this band, but…SO suffocating. I didn’t want to forget them, really. Plus, contemplative vibe, yeah?

7. G-Song – Supergrass
Um…I got in a deep Supergrass phase around this time. CD needed a pick me up, too. Right?

8. Cosmic Dancer – T. Rex
Reveling in delusion: you can’t get further from reality than fleeing it. Just a different plane...

9. Chrominance Decoder – April March
I’ve always loved the loneliness of this song. Probably the anchor of the playlist/CD. French thing.

10. Red Rabbits – The Shins
Yeah, yeah, but mystical for the theme. Think it came in from the musical angle.

11. White Moon – The White Stripes (good, lightly heartbreaking video)
Jesus, was I stoned when I made this? Probably, yes. No idea why this came in. None.

12. I Am the Walrus – Beatles (loud, this one; had to dig a bit, too)
That thing about custard dripping from a dead dog’s eye? Thought it was brilliant till my kid told me every word was gibberish.

13. Transmitting Live from Mars – De La Soul…withheld the rights, apparently. Bravo.
Yeah, French. Still, what would we/they broadcast? I mean, what’s the normal? One thought.

14. Twenty Questions – Beastie Boys
Poses the big ones. Indulgent as hell, down to the lounge-y vibe. Beatnik night at your better local.

15. Knowledge – Green Day (and the original…it’s different)
In either version, it’s a paean to one’s limitations, even if grossly practical. Um…

16. She Comes in Colors – Love
I dunno. Listens a bit Platonic to me.

17. Song for the Man – Beastie Boys
Too political to be detached. Still, the politics stand in fundamentals.

18. Suspicious Minds – Elvis
Nothin’. Just nothin’. It was late, I was probably high. Paranoia is the opposite of detachment…

19. Metaphysical – Handsome Boy Modeling School
Dreamy, brilliant, then soothing as a babbling brook, all with spoken instructions from outer space.

OK, that’s all of ‘em. The playlist goes up next. Enjoy ‘em if you visit!

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