Thursday, August 10, 2017

Programming Note(s)

After some months of grasping at an identity on this site, I finally feel like I’ve found some kind of footing. Now begins the climbing.

First, and mainly, two sets of regular posts will anchor the content: two each week on music (The Bins Project (see right sidebar for what passes for an archive) and the New to Me stuff (example/plug (dammit)) and, going forward, two each week on politics/culture, etc. One will go up on the weekend, and another sometime midweek. Settling on a specific weekday feels like madness due to personal incorrigible disorganization.

That’s the plan, at any rate. (Also, see “personal incorrigible disorganization” and raise that one dram of psychic fragility.)

Careful observers (anyone?) might notice one music feature absent from the above – e.g., the Pop Backstory posts that have gone up fitfully enough to make noticing them something like impossible (also, sample post; probably my favorite). That series I will finish with a slightly leaner concept and mostly out of spite. The first of the last posts in those series should go up this weekend. There’s one more note on that…

I tried to produce Pop Backstory blog-style – e.g., posting and researching simultaneously – and, as I see it, the content suffered for it; the writing alternated between flat and grasping and that’s just unacceptable. I want to retain the research side of it going forward, but post the content differently, whether in a series of posts that I’ll drop the way Netflix drops its series, or in one monster post the way Marvel/Disney drops its latest stupid opus. I’ll cross that bridge when I move on from Pop Backstory, aka, the bastard orphan urchin of this site.

I strongly suspect that I’ll get away from music at some point, maybe say spend a month researching something like “The Deficit,” not least because no one talks about that directly anymore, and what the fuck is up with that?

UPDATE: On a related note, I do hope to become a better twittizen - e.g., instead of joining the daily pile-on, I hope to instead forward articles from sources people aren't seeing everyday, items a couple steps at least outside the 24/7 rapid-fire news cycle to offer a little perspective. That's also the low-key reason I want to post politics (or society) just twice a week instead of daily: some days I feel like slowing down might save us all. Ah, but the daily pile-in: it is The Big Shit, and we are but flies.

OK, programming note complete. There’s a long way to go, obviously, including a lot of work to make archived posts easier to find, maybe making the layout less linear, etc. That may entail moving to a different platform, but, sweet Jesus, I don’t want to move to a new platform.

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